Release 4.3

Major Enhancements

  • Improved registration flow
  • Event logging & notification updates


  • allow trainees to add portfolio if already registered as assessor
  • show the name of the person that released the MSF
  • deletion constraint on MSF when it has responses
  • cleanup organisation management
  • [FOM] added FOM Contact ID to profile and registration
  • [#199] form-R TOOT validation
  • [#327] link to ARCP guidance /suggestions on homepage


  • sort organisation reviewers by name
  • removed expiry dates from assessment/review requests
  • improved UI flow when creating requests
  • allow requests to be deleted
  • improved error reporting when an action cannot be completed
  • link to existing MSF in the "invalid concurrent MSF" error
  • do not prompt to add supervisor if a request is pending
  • prompt for position as required
  • allow for programe specific fields when exporting data
  • [RCPSYCH] updated college contact details in emails & suspension message
  • [#385] automatically scroll to top when viewing next page in filtered lists


  • error when creating a new organisation
  • error when removing a panel member
  • permission error on redirect after deleting a proforma template
  • sporadic error when a guest user attempted to complete a supervisor report
  • fix regression in PR #374
  • intermittent database latency spikes caused by About page
  • duplication of messages in portfolio advisor
  • incorrect filenames showing on exports page
  • backend error indexing portfolios linked to deleted organisations
  • restored email notification on completion of an export
  • [FOM] cpd filtering on evidence page
  • [#264] index went out of sync a portfolio was suspended
  • [#330] error when admin viewed user roles
  • [#344] issue where save progress would cause subsequent 'Save Draft' to submit as a GET request
  • [#349] issue where incorrect management status could prevent request email from sending
  • [#350] backend issue determining correct management type
  • [#353] permission issue preventing reviewers from viewing the panel page
  • [#355] prevent creating duplicate requests for relations & managements
  • [#359] fix regression in #355 incorrectly identifying duplicate management requests
  • [#361] issue that could cause MSF end date to truncate if the trainee changed the MSF level after the round had started but before any responses were received
  • [#370] error when processing notifications for deleted objects
  • [#371] permission error when marking pdp item complete
  • [#377] error when merging users that have events logged
  • [#381] dynamic form elements were sometimes showing when they should not be
  • [#385] next button was not working correctly
  • [#387] do not allow creation of activities using non evidence proforma
  • [#388] [FOM] fix regression in #381 CPD points not displaying correctly
  • [#399] fix error when selecting "Other" as trust
  • [#401] fix issue where selecting "Other" trust did not show "Please Specify" input

The Latest Guide for Newcomers to Portfolio Online

If you're new to Portfolio Online or supervise someone who is, you might be interested to know we've recently updated our article 'Getting Started on Portfolio Online'. It contains everything from registering for an account, to information about the ARCP. It even includes some useful information for those who are not in a GMC approved training programme and use the RCPsych ePortfolio for annual appraisals.