Maintenance Release 1.0.7



  • don’t ask to map competencies on pdp if pdp item is private
  • error when displaying trying to display assessor name/position on assessments with no form
  • don't try to calculate/display cohort means for msf without level
  • graphical glitch in popovers
  • an error when viewing career entries


  • background cohort average calculations to speed up inital MSF feedback render
  • hide competency mappings on edit_competencies screen for private evidence
  • added curriculum level assessed against to msf feedback
  • added info tag to msf feedback to explain derivation of cohort mean
  • added info tags to the levels on msf feedback to clarify the difference between trainee level and assessment standard

Maintenance Release 1.0.6



  • assessments shows linked case log, assessor position, overall rating from form for wpbas
  • assessments shows mean of overall rating from msf feedback form
  • assessments ordered by date
  • msf feedback now shows cohort averages per domains, and highlights where trainee scores lower


  • user merge failing due to notices

Maintenance Release 1.0.5



  • notification 'alerts'


  • mass assignment vulnerabilty that could allow a malicious user to gain admin permissions
  • error when adding management nominations
  • regression registering supervisors using dropdown list

Maintenance Release 1.0.4



  • notifications framework implemented


  • error when trying to complete a multi page form via nomination on dashboard
  • regsitering supervisors links correctly when user tries to manually enter known email address

Maintenance Release 1.0.0



  • show evidence in modal dialogue when inspecting coverages
  • automatically filter for completed assessments on supervisor's view
  • removed the underline from the 'required' asterisk and coloured asterisk red to highlight
  • career history screen now shows additional fields specialty, FT equivalance and labels OOP posts where appropriate


  • correctly show control labels on checkboxes elements
  • use the title of the learning objective as the main heading on PDP
  • bug preventing competency mapping
  • bug TPD review was defaulting to induction meeting form
  • removed 'unverified' label from members who have not linked SSO
  • bug boolean questions showing Yes/No incorrectly in show form view

Public Changelog Updates

Portfolio Online is under constant development, and many of the changes and fixes that are made may not be obvious.

In order to increase the visibility of the development process we are now maintaining a changelog which we will publicise as updates are pushed onto the production server.

Updates are record in the changelog during the ongoing maintenance process, along with bug fixes and the implementation of new features.

Periodically these are bundled and deployed and at that time we will publish a new article here that summarises everything that went into the current release.

We will start this process by tagging the next release as version 1.0.0.

Maintenance releases (point releases), will contain bug fixes and minor enhancements. These will increment the rightmost digit. e.g. 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1

Minor releases represent a noticable change in functionality, these will increment the middle digit, and reset the point release. e.g. 1.0.x -> 1.1.0

Major releases occur when there are significant changes to the system, such as to the underlying framework/platform. This would increment the main version number e.g 1.x.x -> 2.0.0

If you have any feedback on how the changelog can be improved then please use the suggestion_forum on our support pages.