Release 1.1.0 – Portfolio Folders

In this minor version release, we have improved the distinction between portfolio types so that we can better handle Non-Training and Specialty Training portfolios. We also added a third CESR option. You can see your current portfolio type on your profile page, and make changes if it is incorrect.

If you are in a GMC approved training post, then select the 'Specialty Training' portfolio. Your current training level folder is where all your evidence and assessments go by default. When you start a new training level you should create new folder.

If you are a staff grade or in another non-training post, selecting 'Non-Training' portfolio will allow you to create a folder for each annual appraisal. You'll no longer be mapping evidence against the trainee curricula. Though you will still need to specify what curriculum level you wish to be assessed against for your workplace based assessments. You should discuss this with your supervisor.



  • introduced Non-Training / CESR / Specialty Training portfolio types
  • specialty, dual specialty & endorsements can be recorded per folder
  • allow ACF / FTSTA levels when creatign folders


  • portfolio folders behave according to the portfolio type chosen
  • new/in progress assessments shown first in default sort
  • default view for portfolio is current folder
  • moved exam results to PDP menu


  • assessment level now showing trainee level in index view
  • dont show case log warnign for assessments that have not been completed