Maintenance Release 1.2.10


  • automatically email college when outcome 6 is awarded
  • additional form validation logic for multiple field checkboxes and field comparison
  • generate cohort means for mini-pat scoped by school and level, and allow selection of cohort when viewing feedback


  • filter programme specific attributes from portfolio edit screen (GMC TPAN,NTN/DRN and CCT_DATE)
  • issue causing an error during the account setup procedure
  • error when viewing individual trust details
  • issue where a DA could not create an outcome form if they were also registered as an ARCP reviewer
  • issue where an activity that had its related object deleted would cause the activities index to raise an error
  • error when viewing a trainee relationship record
  • issue where using back/forward or opening multiple windows could interreupt creation of new form and cause it to fail
  • error when trying to view dashboard with a scheduled ARCP after portfolio has been archived
  • issue where excessive tagging could lead to innacurate counts being displayed
  • dispaly issue where arcp outcome was showing as a code instead of human readable text on reviewer dashboard
  • issue where a new specialty trainign form could not be created
  • issue preventing some specialty training forms from displaying due to a change in data format
  • error when viewing certain folder contents
  • issue where ARCP's completed using an older outcome form proforma were incorrectly reporting their status as scheduled
  • fixed a typo on the ARCP scheduled message
  • issue where supervisors name would sometimes show instead of trainees name on L2 report
  • issue where generating collated feedback would adversely affect database performance
  • issue where a supervisor could not register a new account using a supervisor nomination link
  • issue causing expired mini-pat requests to appear as an outstandng task on the dashboard


  • allow assessment tools to be deprecated
  • allow scheduling of revisions to proforma templates
  • make 'New Followup' dropdowns consistent
  • updated ARCP outcome form to latest revision