Maintenance Release 2.0.3


  • issue where updating ARCP's would sometimes not update the index correctly
  • permissions issue preventing ARCP forms being resubmitted
  • draft document can be saved without validating
  • title from 'new evidence' not copying correctly to document title
  • mismatched formatting of dates on career history entries
  • issue where removing a link from a PDP would leave an activity mapping as via PDP instead of converting to Direct
  • improved layout of MSF feedback pdf so that text does not crop mid line
  • rare issue preventing 'save changes' button from displaying on firms
  • issues where some form actions were not displaying on certain forms
  • issue where mapping scope was not set correctly when mapping evidence via a PDP item
  • issues affecting the generation of pdf's for PDP items
  • error when "Clinical Experience" selector contains case log with no start date
  • error preventing guest users from create a new WPBA form
  • issue where form details were not correctly propogating to user's profile
  • issue where only first 10 ARCP reviews displayed when viewing a panel date
  • error when entering a very long synopsis
  • issue where SLE's based on CAP curriculum were not showing ILO(h) options


  • ARCP index screen uses new search/sort panel
  • form status field to better match status of underlying object
  • create/edit document page to behave like forms page
  • only show frameworks that correspond to the programme's a user has portfolios for
  • improved formatting of supervisor relation screens
  • 'Re-Submit' button for forms that have been previously submitted, and subsequently re-opened for editing
  • show flag on archived portfolios
  • allow MSF feedback to be viewed by users with correct management role
  • available categories for an activity are now based on the portfolio the activity is contained in


  • search ARCP's by trainee name
  • add 'submit' option to the private activity message
  • added controls to work with forms directly to show form page
  • option to print PDP items
  • show mapped evidence on PDP items
  • recaptcha on password reset and registration pages
  • added more options to directly manage coverages on an activity