Maintenance Release 2.0.4


  • error when supervisor attempted to view an activity with uploads
  • permissions issue when HOS/DA/Reviewer tried to view attachments on an activity
  • error when editing portfolio details
  • do not allow sending of expired nominations
  • issue where manage tags screen was not displaying all of a user's custom tags
  • error viewing old supervisor report forms
  • error when updating a MSF if no fields were submitted
  • only show an activity once in competency coverage if it has been mapped both directly & via the PDP
  • issue where new folder start_date would always revert to current date
  • issue where a cached blank form would show the wrong proforma
  • issue where cohort means did not include most recent data
  • issue during setup where the portfolio type could not be set
  • issue when a form could not be saved due to an error, some fields would sometimes revert to empty
  • issue where curriculum coverage would sometimes show activities that have been deleted
  • issue where the names of reports linked to ARCP outcome forms was not displaying correctly
  • issue where the names of reports in the 'recently viewed' panel was not showing
  • issue where the GMC number was not pre-filling automatically on certain forms
  • issue where followup WPBA/review would not correctly link if mandatory fields were not filled in first time
  • fixed followup learning objective option to work correctly


  • order Learning Objectives in PDP on dashboard by target date
  • do not allow gmc field to be edited once it has been filled in
  • improved mini-pat nomination handling for assessor forms
  • grey out disabled form elements
  • redirect to edit page when creating a WPBA/report
  • improved 'not started' message to explain multiuser forms need to be submitted before sending the request
  • improved user search fuzzy matching
  • add system default tags to 'manage tags'
  • hint on portfolio start date
  • allow PDP item completed date to be specified/edited
  • consistently display leading zeros in date ranges of form

  • only show email autocomplete when a single address is returned
  • show the full ancestry for an activity in the followup chart


  • require confirmation before deleting uploads
  • require confirmation before deleting comments
  • dynamic L1 supervisor report based on framework
  • 'retry' option to nominations that do not send within 5 minutes
  • display number of activities mapped through a PDP item in summary view
  • show the full ancestry of a competency on the coverages popover list
  • allow existing activities to be added as followups
  • allow followups to be removed from their parent