Maintenance Release 2.1.2


  • warning when attempting to navigate away from unsaved form
  • ability to sort by date of creation
  • filter for current/completed PDP
  • show recommendations from ARCP outcome form on ARCP card
  • demographic information to profile for populating form-R
  • defaults to next training level when creating a new training year
  • defaults to portfolio specialties when creating a new training folder


  • do not allow future completed date for pdp items
  • cleaned up specialty drop down to remove invalid dual-CCT combinations
  • only allow GMC approved CCT specialties


  • issue preventing exam results displaying for some portfolios
  • issue preventing user details update
  • permissions issue preventing editing Mini-PAT activities
  • minor formatting issues
  • issue where missing object could cause redirect loop on dashboard
  • issue causing an error when viewing some completed forms
  • issue causing an error when attempting to submit an invalid form, if the form also links competency coverages
  • issue causing an error when viewing change history for document
  • issue where completed MSF forms have no date specified
  • sort by name on activities
  • remove duplicated "new review" button