Maintenance Release 2.1.4


  • icon to indicate where a form field automatically updates corresponding profile information
  • [#45] allow assessors to view synopsis and/or csae logs attached to the WPBA they are completing
  • [RCPsych] Added SAPA Form


  • issue preventing upload new profile picture
  • portfolio advisor messages not displaying correctly on some screens
  • redirect error when a supervisor ended trainee relationship from within the trainee portfolio
  • remove "View" button from competency popover to prevent accidental navigation away from forms
  • issue where searching for case log did not consider description
  • issue where dynamic ESR would not handle older curricula with top level mappable ILO and mappable child competencies
  • minor formatting issue with rating scales, increased text size for legibility on mobile devices
  • issue preventing some evidence being viewed from the curriculum coverage page
  • workaround issue where windows sends wrong content-type for file uploads
  • [#74] issue assessor was also shown evidence fields when editing a re-opened WPBA preventing them from re-submitting
  • [#75] issue preventing re-opened WPBA being resubmitted due to mandatory section
  • [#76] fix issue where MSF does not show when no cohort means are present
  • [#77] fix an issue where mandatory section/category was effecting ability to approve forms
  • [#78][#79][#88] fixed several related issues where moving activities between portfolios would not always work correctly
  • [#80] fix an issue where mandatory section caused an error when submitting a draft document
  • [#81] fix an issue where case log description did not render html entities correctly
  • [#82] fix an issue where new competency mappings were not updating coverage screen in a timely fashion
  • [#83] fix a regression preventing unmapping of competencies
  • [#85] fix an error when viewing forms that use an invalid proforma (no tool)
  • [#86] fix an issue where forms that had no formable caused an error
  • [#87] fix an issue where orphan forms remained after activities were deleted
  • [FOM] error when creating a new folder


  • do not persist filters between sessions
  • [FOM] region now attribute of portfolio
  • added more context to results when searching for case log to link