Release 2.2.0

Major Enhancements

  • Refactor organisations


  • ability to re-activate automatically archived portfolios
  • prompt on multiuser forms to submit responses
  • Form R (pilot in North East)
  • added inline 'Save Progress' button to Psychiatric Supervisor report


  • fix type filter on reviews page
  • fix a layout issue on mobile devices when viewing filters
  • [#91] fix issue where future dated PDP items were showing as completed
  • [#95] fix error when trying to add folder if allowable portfolio levels do not contain current_level
  • [#96] fix issue where long synopsis would cause page to freeze when updating activity category/sections
  • issue where deeply nested mappable competencies were not available to select on SLE forms
  • [#107] permissions issue where auto-archived portfolios could not be re-activated
  • [#108] fix issue where merging folders was leaving activities in an unassigned state