Release 4.0.0

Major Enhancements

  • Upgrades and improvements to backend architecture and infrastructure see:‎ for more details.
  • Career History now provides proformas for Training/Non-Training, Out of Programme, Extended Absence. Allows recording of Annual Leave.


  • link to CCT Date guidance on portfolio edit page
  • ability to add content to homepage for programme Admins
  • Tool/proforma editor UI for system admins
  • edit/delete ARCP options to sidebar on show ARCP screen
  • added pager to top of results as well as bottom
  • admin proforma editing tool


  • fix an issue where ARCP review period filter on assessments did not show assessments
  • fix broken images in newsfeed on homepage
  • fix an issue preventing re-activation of portfolios that were automatically archived
  • fix a deadlock issue with cohort mean background jobs
  • fix school name not displaying correctly on MSF cohort means
  • fix an issue where table content was being filtered from popovers
  • [#114] fix issue where data on part completed form R was not showing to organisation staff
  • [#119] fix issue where folder specialty was not displaying correctly
  • [#121] fix issue where TooT information not displaying correctly on Form-R part B
  • [#123] fix issue where nominated users get back into a part completed form via nomination email
  • [#124] don't send CCT e-mail to core trainees receiving outcome 6 on ARCP
  • [#125] fix issue where an activity could be submitted without updating the evidence index
  • [#126] fix issue where assessments filters only showed ARCP review period for completed ARCPs
  • [#127] fix issue where folder start date would sometimes be replaced by current date when editing
  • [#128] fix error when attempting to request a new assessment that is linked to a framework
  • [#131] fix intermittent error on coverage page
  • [#132] fix typo on tagging input