ARCP updates, Phase I

In order to improve the online ARCP experience we have been working with the various stakeholders to identify ways in which we can make the system more useful to them.

The first step in implementing the changes is to address the overall layout of information, and improve the navigation. The primary task was to de-clutter the main dashboard and remove some duplicate information.

Some of the information has now been moved to the Organisation Dashboard, this will also help speed up the page load time for the Main Dashboard screen. The Organisation Dashboard layout has been updated, in readiness for new summary reporting information that will help deanery administrators and Heads of Schools to better understand what is happening at organisational level.

The DA Organisation Dashboard

TPD's and Panel Chairs have a new top level ARCP tab, that will quickly allow them to find ARCP's that they are connected to, in order to sign them off as necessary.

In future releases we will be improving functionality to manage ARCP scheduling, this will include:

  • scheduling of multiple ARCP's simultaneously
  • creation of multiple panels per ARCP date

Don't forget we are always looking for ideas for improvement, you can post these in our Suggestions Forum

The Portfolio Online Team