Maintenance Release 4.2.3


  • add a 'sample form url' field to tools, for linking to example forms
  • indication of who still needs to submit a review form


  • [#218] possible error when updating a wpba/report and session information has changed
  • [#312] support address in duplicate GMC message was not propagating correctly to email client
  • [#315] allow re-open of forms that have only been submitted by trainee
  • [#318] do not show o/s tasks for draft activity forms
  • [#316] ARCP review dates not correctly highlighting in DA calendar view
  • [#328] draft form updates not persisting when required activity fields not filled
  • [#331] fix issue preventing ARCP sign off
  • [#332] fix issue where save progress would sometimes create duplicate activities
  • [#334] fix issue where save progress would sometimes fail to persist data
  • [#336] bump puma from 4.3.1 to 4.3.5 - addresses CVE-2020-5247
  • [#340] bump rails from to - addresses CVE-2020-8163