Maintenance Release 4.3.1


  • [#196] [FOM] prototyping ARCP Dashboard
  • [#204] send notification email when ARCP released to trainee
  • [#300] [FOM] enable suspensions


  • [#393] significant updates to overall stability of search indexes
  • [#410] improved handling of client branding on outgoing emails
  • [#425] only show previous 12 months on Organisation's Live ARCPs progress bar
  • [#436] do not show per nomination queuing for MSF
  • [#437] do not allow concurrent MSF in different portfolios for same programme
  • [#444] fix regression in #437
  • manage client contact details in programme management


  • minor formatting on forms
  • format system error page
  • [#406] fix error when form cannot parse a response that has been entered that contains invalid html
  • [#414] fix regression in #410 that caused an error when trying request a reset password email
  • [#420] fix incorrect email validation on mixed case local-part
  • [#422] error when trying to create a PDP item with a future end date and mandatory field(s) not filled
  • [#430] admin issue with user merge not handling duplicates correctly
  • [#431] admin issue with form delete on MSF forms
  • [#442] race condition that would sometimes cause a shared activity to be indexed when it was still private
  • [#450] non-training portfolios showing as "Core Training" when equivalent level set to CT1-3