Release 4.5

Major Enhancements

  • [RCPych] 2022 Curriculum and PDP pilot


  • [FOM] WBA Summary tab on portfolio page
  • [#521] configure suggested followup proformas by activity type
  • [#532] no outstanding tasks panel for accounts with nothing on dashboard
  • [#550] [RCPsych] additional exam diets
  • [#555] unassigned activities warning and auto assign by date
  • [#563] [FOM] added SAIL(OH) to WBA Summaries
  • [#570] portfolio advisor for core trainees mapping to higher curricula


  • [#262] permissions issue with linked clinical experiences
  • [#517] [FOM] error in ESR when no coverage is present
  • [#519] fixed issue where WPBA/Report followups were not creating correctly
  • [#522] issue with MHA flag not displaying correctly on case logs
  • [#524] 500 server error when trying to register as new user from a nomination with a duplicate email
  • [#526] issue linking existing clinical experience to WPBA
  • [#528] order child elements on proformas by sequences
  • [#530] error when viewing PDP coverages
  • [#538] show coverage on new report as well as edit
  • [#539] N/A showing for specialty specific WPBA requirements on ARCP page
  • [#541] permission issue allowing nomination to be deleted from cached page
  • [#542] reports not showing on ARCP requirement page
  • [#543] permission issue preventing TPD's from viewing their ARCPs page
  • [#548] [FOM] issues with ESR review period dates
  • [#551] some activities not displaying correct icon
  • [#552] sometimes showing "Supervisor has not submitted" on reviews page along side the submitted date
  • [#557] error when creating clinical WPBA without required clinical experience
  • [#559] error when attempting to specify an invalid review period on ARCP outcome form
  • [#560] error when trying to save a multiuser clinical WPBA with no clinical experience attached
  • [#564] date validation on ARCP outcome forms was sometimes incorrect
  • [#569] timezone issue with start/end dates comparisons
  • [#571] issue where rejected nominations could be re-queued and get stuck
  • [#574] missing PDP link on supervisor view of trainee portfolio
  • [#575] Non Training portfolios showing as Core Training
  • [#578] error when showing WBA summary for portfolio with no folders
  • [#585] [FOM] error when region is not set


  • replaced specific Learning objective options from New-Followup list with generic PDP Item
  • remove category/sections from psychiatry programme
  • [#535] significant performance improvement in MSF cohort_mean calculations
  • [#545] when saving form also modify updated_at field of activity