Release 4.6

Major Enhancements

  • [RCPsych] 2022 Curriculum Updates


  • [#595] portfolio advisor when specialty is not set
  • [#599] export portfolios to csv for DA in organisation view


  • [#521] configure suggested followup proformas by activity type
  • [#592] new training level button not showing on empty portfolio card
  • [#597] new post activity not showing immediately after creation
  • [#601] incorrect validation of specialty when creating a new CT folder
  • [#602] [FOM] error when trying to sign up for a new account
  • [#603] issue causing exam imports to freeze
  • [#608] error when viewing an activity that has been mapped through a post activity that has been deleted
  • [#620] issue with permissions when assessing a suspended portfolio
  • [#628] issue when submitting form R
  • [#648] prevent creation of duplicate training level folders below ST6
  • [#649] issue with case log permissions
  • [#651] issue where additional panel members were not displaying if no assigned panel members have been selected
  • [#658] fix issue creating Post Activities when no posts available


  • [#592] restrict specialty selection based on training level
  • [#596] make specialty a mandatory field for portfolio/folder