Maintenance Release 4.6.1


  • [RCPsych] Eating Disorder Credential Programme & Curriculum
  • [RCPsych] portfolio advisor for private posts on PSPDP view
  • [RCPsych] new addictions WPBAs
  • [RCPsych] new Psychotherapy SAPA WPBA
  • [RCPsych] remote backups for DR
  • [#704] allow admin to move folders between portfolios
  • [#712] validate GMC number format for new registrations
  • [#723] level and specialty fields added to portfolios export
  • [#725] status fields added to ARCP export
  • [#728] portfolio levels fields added to portfolios export


  • [RCPsych] psychotherapy WPBA updates
  • [RCPsych] PSPDP rating warning specifies supervisor
  • clean up formatting on management role pages
  • [#691] sort PDP Items by title when mapping to 'Active PDP'
  • [#696] do not show ARCP approvals in O/S tasks if portfolio is archived


  • [#655] fix error when editing completed PSR
  • [#661] fix post validation error when submitting PSR
  • [#664] fix regression in #661 causing incorrect menu to display when viewing career history
  • [#665] fix issue where default PSPDP view was not using current post correctly
  • [#667] fix issue where only first 10 posts showing in PSPDP post selector
  • [#668] fix issue with deleted PDP items affecting PSPDP display
  • [#670] fix error why trying to update post on PSR form
  • [#672] fix PDP proforma dropdown for non-transitioned portfolios
  • [#675] fix issue editing PSR post
  • [#676] fix error submitting PSR
  • [#678] fix issue editing folders
  • [#680] fix issue with supervision meeting's available curricula
  • [#687] fix error editing PSPDP item in legacy portfolio
  • [#694] fix issue where assessor position not displaying correctly
  • [#707] fix issue preventing mapped items showing when printing curriculum coverage page
  • [#712] fix default PSPDP view when no current post