Outcome 10 – A New Outcome for ARCP

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this may have on trainee progression assessments, a new outcome, Outcome 10, has been added to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' online ARCP Outcome Form. Outcome 10 indicates that a trainee is achieving progress and the development of competences/capabilities at the expected rate, but the acquisition of some capabilities has been delayed by the impact of the Coronavirus. According to Gold Guide Amendment (4.91), Trainees gaining an Outcome 10 "Can progress to the next stage of training as overall progression may be satisfactory. Any additional training time will be reviewed at the next ARCP." For regular updates on the RCPsych ePortfolio, follow @portfolioonline on Twitter.

ARCP updates, Phase I

In order to improve the online ARCP experience we have been working with the various stakeholders to identify ways in which we can make the system more useful to them.

The first step in implementing the changes is to address the overall layout of information, and improve the navigation. The primary task was to de-clutter the main dashboard and remove some duplicate information.

Some of the information has now been moved to the Organisation Dashboard, this will also help speed up the page load time for the Main Dashboard screen. The Organisation Dashboard layout has been updated, in readiness for new summary reporting information that will help deanery administrators and Heads of Schools to better understand what is happening at organisational level.

The DA Organisation Dashboard

TPD's and Panel Chairs have a new top level ARCP tab, that will quickly allow them to find ARCP's that they are connected to, in order to sign them off as necessary.

In future releases we will be improving functionality to manage ARCP scheduling, this will include:

  • scheduling of multiple ARCP's simultaneously
  • creation of multiple panels per ARCP date

Don't forget we are always looking for ideas for improvement, you can post these in our Suggestions Forum

The Portfolio Online Team

Linking a new Case Log to a WPBA just got easier!

When trainees start a Work Place Based Assessment (WPBA) on Portfolio Online they can link it to a clinical experience activity (case log) that records the details of the case. Trainees can now instantly write up a case log from within any of our online clinical WPBAs. This will automatically link the case log to the WPBA. This means our trainees don't have to switch between screens to get the task done. Another brilliant timesaving feature implemented by the Portfolio Online Development Team.

New Career Entry Form

The Career Entry Form on Portfolio Online has had an upgrade. Trainees can not only log the posts, jobs, rotations they hold whilst in specialty training, but they can also log periods of time out of programme (OOP) or on extended absence. To find out how to add a career entry to a Specialty Training Portfolio, read our article Add a Career Entry.

Portfolio Online Training at RCPsych HQ

The second Portfolio Online Training session this year was held at The Royal College of Psychiatrists HQ in London last month and 100% of attendees said they think the event will improve their professional practice.
The session was facilitated by Dr Abdul Raoof, Director of Medical Education EPUT & Chair of the Eastern Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists along with Sarah Bettison, Executive Director of bettison.org, the company behind the PortfolioBuilder platform. The session was exclusively for Training Programme Directors and other trainee leads & covered topics such as basic & advanced features, supervisor reports, how the online portfolio supports curriculum delivery, reflective learning & the online ARCP. Look out for any future training in Portfolio Online the College's Upcoming Events page.

New button added to the Psychiatric Supervisor Report

The Psychiatric Supervisor Report is a multi-user form completed by both the trainee and either an educational or clinical supervisor. It is typically submitted at the end of a placement and has a number of sections which can take time to complete. With forms of this length & complexity, it's all too easy to find yourself in a situation where your session on Portfolio Online has timed out due to inactivity and the form you have been working so hard on hasn't been saved. The Portfolio Online development group got together to tackle this problem and the Psychiatric Supervisor Report now has a brand new button at the end of each section for trainees and their supervisors to 'save progress'.

Easter Bank Holiday Closure 2019

Our office lines will be closed from 5pm Thursday 18 April 2019 and will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. If you have an urgent query, please email us on support@portfolioonline.co.uk and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.