Release 1.2.0 – Improving Guidance

In this minor version release we have spent some time improving the links between Portfolio Online and the Knowledge Base in our Support Centre. This should help new users to find their way around the system, and may also be of benefit to existing users in increasing their understanding of how to get the best out of portfolio online.

Over the coming months we'll be adding more guidance, and working on producing more video tutorials.

This release also bundles a number of other minor fixes and enhancements.



  • backlink on guest navbar to trainee registration
  • handle future dating of portfolios/folders
  • outstanding tasks given additional options
  • ability to delete unwanted WPBA and Supervisor report from assessor/supervisor dashboard
  • notifications for assessor and trainee when deleting reports/WPBA
  • improved on screen feedback when scheduling multiple ARCPs
  • new review for recording supervision sessions
  • trainee can preview blank form for WPBA and Reviews



  • error when checking tainee permissions on msf
  • correctly show and hide N/U codes for the appropriate outcomes
  • correctly show dynamic elements on form initialisation
  • broken rcpsych signup link
  • dummy accounts script fixes