Maintenance release 1.2.1



  • speed up rendering competency popovers
  • allow current folder to be closed by providing end date
  • improved rendering of curriculum/competencies
  • improved consistency and rendering of form inputs
  • improved ARCP outcome form rendering where trainee information is missing or incomplete
  • improved ARCP outcome form rendering when No/Unsatisfactory outcomes


  • error when viewing legacy CAP 2009 curricula
  • error when viewing exam entries with nil date on past papers
  • correctly display exam results for Paper A/B
  • error when viewing old MSF Feedback reports with no cohort mean
  • permission problem for Deanery Admin nominating panel members
  • issue where some outcome forms would only show FY1/FY2 as options for 'level being assessed'
  • issue where specialty could not be selected if trainee information was missing