Maintenance Release 1.2.2



  • automatically populate school/trust/level on new career entries based on profile data
  • display trust/school in user profile
  • allow viewing previous revisions of documents/forms
  • automatically prefill email when new user registering via confirmed nomination


  • group trusts by school in dropdown
  • general improvements rendering competencies/frameworks


  • typo 'Apraisal' on Non-Training folders
  • error when displaying panelist email on outcome form
  • rendering issue where competency popovers would not display correctly after a competency had been mapped/unmapped until page was refreshed
  • automatically end supervisor relationships when finishing your portfolio
  • xss vulnerability
  • permissions to view previous revisions of documents/forms were not assigned
  • error when viewing exam results for some trainees
  • removed suspension message from accounts where portfolio is archived
  • issue where a supervisor could not view a supervisor report completed by a different supervisor
  • email was not being added to account when existing user confirms a nomination to an unknown email
  • nominations to unknown emails were not being linked to corresponding account when unknown email was captured by an account via confirmation process