Maintenance Release 1.2.4



  • ARCP summary panel on Deanary Admin/HoS dashboard
  • warning about ARCP panel access on trainee's dashboard
  • new WPBA tool Leadership for piloting in West Midlands
  • show MSF nominations as queued for sending and dynamically update


  • 'object not found' when creating new activity document
  • prevent duplicate assessment/reviews if back button used to resubmit forms
  • permissions issue allowing trainees to deleted completed WPBA (also restored any that were deleted in error)
  • issue where dates were not displaying correctly when viewing completed forms
  • issue where levels were not displaying correctly when viewing completed ARCP outcome form
  • issue where previously checked specialties were not repopulating when editing an existing outcome form
  • improved formatting of ARCP outcome form (supervisor reports, alignment of checkbox responses)
  • issue where CCT date was defaulting to user's name
  • correctly validate required 'check_box' fields for at least one checked box
  • issue where certain required fields were not highlighted when form submitted with errors
  • corrected layout of 'panel date' screen


  • split pending arcp's into pending signoff / pending release
  • different first time help message for deanery admins
  • improved layout of DA dashboard added better context links to panels
  • allow 'review period' to be specified/edited prior to outcome form
  • created 'Pending Completion' status for ARCP for outcomes not acknowledge by trainee
  • prevent multiple outcome orms being created for same ARCP
  • include all ARCP status on DA dashboard summary