Maintenance Release 1.2.5


  • Created 'External Advisor' role for ARCP process


  • issue affecting background indexing of ARCP's that would cause them to appear under the wrong summary headings
  • issue where dynamically updateing forms would not correctly attach events to dynmic content preventing preventing form from updating subsequent times
  • do not allow sending reminder son mini-pat if mini-pat has not been started
  • propogate NTN/DRN, GMC TPAN, CCT Date from ARCP outcome form back to user's portfolio
  • issue where a cached view of competency mappings was shown when editing a different activities competency mappings
  • issue where ‘true’ was being propagated to users details from form instead of name
  • issue where current folder was not considered inside ARCP period if it started prior to the period
  • archiving a portfolio was ending relationships where the trainee was a supervisor and not realtionships where the trainee was the subject of supervision
  • issue where name was not propogating from assessor forms back to assessors profile
  • intermittent error when trying to display certain types of form where the form templates had not previously been specified
  • propogate school and trust from specialty training forms back to user's profile
  • issue where dynamic input field was not showing when the associated radio button was pre-checked
  • issue where the 'help' text was not displaying for radio group form elements
  • issue where programme administrator import files with zero rows caused an error


  • moved NTN/DRN and TPAN to portfolio details to handle multiple portfolios per user
  • message on nominations clarified to explain that nominees cannot be changed only their emails corrected
  • allow for selection of multiple N or U codes on ARCP outcome form