Maintenance Release 1.2.7


  • information/warning about career history shown in ARCP notification on trainee dashboards
  • allow supervisors to end relation with trainee


  • better handling of duplicate tags on activities
  • removed 'schedule ARCP' button from trainee's own dashboard
  • add indirect_supervision attribute to explicitly nominated supervisor roles (CT,ACT,PGD,TPD & Temporary Access)
  • remove outstanding MSF feedbacks from dashboard of supervisros with indirect_supervision roles
  • only show directly supervised tainees in trainees drop down menu
  • renamed 'panel members' as reviewers see: ‎


  • error when trying to create tags with apostrophe
  • error when DA attempted to create a supervisor relationship on behalf of trainee
  • issue where the ARCP index was using the current trainee school instead of the school that created the ARCP
  • issue where posts that had been deselected were still showing on ARCP outcome form
  • issue where documentation that had been deselected was still showing on ARCP outcome form