Release 2.0.0

Major Enhancements

  • Filtering, searching and sorting portfolio contents
  • Dynamic filters can now be used on the new curriculum coverage view
  • Introduced school/programme management sections for future reporting needs
  • Improved support for multiple portfolio types Specialty Training, CESR, Liason Credentialing etc
  • Redesigned navigation to provide consistency when viewing other people's portfolios
  • New 'assessment engine' provides advanced features for completing forms by multiple people and generation of dynamic form fields
  • New visualisation showing competency coverage for activity folders
  • Trainee screens use visualisation to show coverage for current and past folders.
  • Supervisor dashboard uses new visualisation to show coverage for their trainees current folders.


  • allow containing folder(s) to be specified when creating evidence
  • allow attachment to be specified when creating evidence
  • allow multiple attachments to be uploaded at the same time
  • provide a synopsis on WPBA's to give assessor context
  • all activities can be given custom titles