Maintenance Release 2.0.1


  • issue preventing the reviews index page from displaying correctly
  • issue preventing some unregistered users completing a mini-pat form
  • issue causing submitted reports to appear as in progress
  • issue causing check box field submissions to be unrecognised
  • issue preventing some evidence fields from being edited
  • issue preventing supervisor report requests from sending immediately
  • issue preventing some PDP items from appearing on trainee dashboard
  • issue preventing trainee portfolios from displaying in programme management view
  • issue preventing assessment date from being edited
  • issue preventing unregistered users from submitting a WPBA form without first having to save
  • error when viewing ARCP where the trainee has not set a portfolio type
  • error when viewing specialty training post form
  • error when trying to edit an msf self form
  • error when viewing a report form
  • error when viewing an arcp outcome form
  • error when trying to archive a PDP item
  • error when trying to edit an MSF activity


  • evidence edit button on index page
  • evidence delete button on index page
  • display supervisor name on completed report forms
  • delete review option


  • career history updated to use new card format