Maintenance Release 2.0.6


  • validation for dynamically generated form contents
  • added registration menu item to mobile layout


  • permissions issue when viewing MSF feedback in archived portfolios
  • permissions error when viewing programme admin screen
  • error when ending a relationship where the nominated user had not yet confirmed
  • issue preventing L1 forms saving ("Framework cannot be blank")
  • validate required trainee fields on multiuser forms
  • issue retrieving submitted text for some fields on L1 supervisor report
  • redirect error when deleting reports
  • error when viewing previous revisions of a review form
  • issue where completed WPBAs would sometimes show as expired
  • issue where submitted MSF forms would sometimes show as expired
  • issue where sidebars would sometimes anchor/display incorrectly
  • issue where competency popover was clipped to container div
  • permissions issue where a trainee could not update a completed ARCP activity
  • issue where updating an Activity's category was not persisting to database


  • PDP items now show 'n/m competencies covered' instead of no of activities mapped
  • moved ARCP Sign-Off to sidebar
  • made ARCP approval easier, trainee can now acknowledge directly from form
  • form status now shows status of form, not the parent object
  • 'Last Updated' fields dynamically update