Release 2.1.0

Major Enhancements

  • Refactor portfolio/folder navigation
  • Improvements to system 'Cards'
    • portfolios
    • folders
    • activities
    • assessments
    • reviews


  • new folder button not showing on portfolio card when no current folder exists
  • issue preventing deletion of expired assessments
  • caching issue causing expired objects to still show as their previous status
  • issue with permissions deleting forms from reports
  • validation error when registering as a trainee's supervisor
  • issue where some multiuser reports/WPBA were reporting incorrect status
  • fixed some display issues with the coverage popover on the activity screen


  • prevent nomination of certain users
  • allow deanery admin to update portfolio/folder details for trainees in their school
  • allow deanery admin to update portfolios that have not specified a school
  • show status of MSF self form in list view
  • added various action buttons to list views for assessments, activities etc
  • added the generate pdf button to view page for activities
  • link to ICD 10 codes on WPBA forms
  • programme admin export options
  • o/s task for trainee acknowledgement of released ARCP


  • updated default portfolios index page to use cards
  • make 'clinical experience' field a dynamic search
  • user/portfolio search to use card layout
  • school view 'trainee portfolios' use new portfolio card
  • allow override of ARCP review period when scheduling

Read more about this update here.