The Latest Guide for Newcomers to Portfolio Online

If you're new to Portfolio Online or supervise someone who is, you might be interested to know we've recently updated our article 'Getting Started on Portfolio Online'. It contains everything from registering for an account, to information about the ARCP. It even includes some useful information for those who are not in a GMC approved training programme and use the RCPsych ePortfolio for annual appraisals.

Maintenance Release 4.2.3


  • add a 'sample form url' field to tools, for linking to example forms
  • indication of who still needs to submit a review form


  • [#218] possible error when updating a wpba/report and session information has changed
  • [#312] support address in duplicate GMC message was not propagating correctly to email client
  • [#315] allow re-open of forms that have only been submitted by trainee
  • [#318] do not show o/s tasks for draft activity forms
  • [#316] ARCP review dates not correctly highlighting in DA calendar view
  • [#328] draft form updates not persisting when required activity fields not filled
  • [#331] fix issue preventing ARCP sign off
  • [#332] fix issue where save progress would sometimes create duplicate activities
  • [#334] fix issue where save progress would sometimes fail to persist data
  • [#336] bump puma from 4.3.1 to 4.3.5 - addresses CVE-2020-5247
  • [#340] bump rails from to - addresses CVE-2020-8163

Maintenance Release 4.2.2


  • esr/psr updates
  • [#285] added supplementary outcome 10 c-codes see:
  • [#287] fix the order of Yes/No responses for UI consistency
  • [#287] allow custom ordering strategies for responses to questions
  • [#299] covid reflection proforma


  • [#285] modify outcome 10 to comply with copmed updates see:


  • [#282] fixed error when profile was missing required fields
  • [#289] fixed error when merging previous folder into current folder
  • [#302] fixed issue where required fields left blank were sometimes not highlighted
  • [#304] fixed caching issue
  • Bump nokogiri from 1.10.4 to 1.10.8

Outcome 10 – A New Outcome for ARCP

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this may have on trainee progression assessments, a new outcome, Outcome 10, has been added to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' online ARCP Outcome Form. Outcome 10 indicates that a trainee is achieving progress and the development of competences/capabilities at the expected rate, but the acquisition of some capabilities has been delayed by the impact of the Coronavirus. According to Gold Guide Amendment (4.91), Trainees gaining an Outcome 10 "Can progress to the next stage of training as overall progression may be satisfactory. Any additional training time will be reviewed at the next ARCP." For regular updates on the RCPsych ePortfolio, follow @portfolioonline on Twitter.

Maintenance Release 4.2.1


  • [#274] ARCP export function for programme admins
  • [#279] add outcome 10 to ARCP


  • revert archived portfolio view to default
  • added more guidance links to portfolio advisor
  • do not show advisor messages for archived portfolios
  • open guidance links in a new window


  • [#276] timeout error when exporting data

ARCP updates, Phase I

In order to improve the online ARCP experience we have been working with the various stakeholders to identify ways in which we can make the system more useful to them.

The first step in implementing the changes is to address the overall layout of information, and improve the navigation. The primary task was to de-clutter the main dashboard and remove some duplicate information.

Some of the information has now been moved to the Organisation Dashboard, this will also help speed up the page load time for the Main Dashboard screen. The Organisation Dashboard layout has been updated, in readiness for new summary reporting information that will help deanery administrators and Heads of Schools to better understand what is happening at organisational level.

The DA Organisation Dashboard

TPD's and Panel Chairs have a new top level ARCP tab, that will quickly allow them to find ARCP's that they are connected to, in order to sign them off as necessary.

In future releases we will be improving functionality to manage ARCP scheduling, this will include:

  • scheduling of multiple ARCP's simultaneously
  • creation of multiple panels per ARCP date

Don't forget we are always looking for ideas for improvement, you can post these in our Suggestions Forum

The Portfolio Online Team

Release 4.2.0

Major Enhancements

  • Improved ARCP Management (phase 1) -


  • [#256] improved handling of internal caches


  • [#250] fixed issue with programme admin login
  • [#254] ensure correct filters show when searching portfolios
  • [#260] issue preventing deleting of assessment request from dashboard
  • [#263] occasional error when supervisor tried to submit PSR
  • Bump excon from 0.67.0 to 0.71.0
  • Bump rack from 1.6.11 to 1.6.12

Release 4.1.0

Major Enhancements

  • Improved content management tools


  • issue where sometimes a nomination reminder would not queue for sending correctly
  • [#188] issue that was preventing imported exam results from processing correctly
  • [#234] formatting issues with the main navigation
  • [#239] help menu on right side was overflowing outside the viewport
  • [#243] o/s task for approver was not filtering for 'submitted' correctly



  • record TPD as an approver for ARCP
  • new top level ARCPs view for ARCP approvers (e.g TPD)
  • [#198] added o/s task for approvers on dashboard for ARCP's they can approve


  • improvements to 'view all trainees' page
  • improvements to 'view supervisors' page
  • [#210] revert ability to see portfolio summary cardd for archived portfolios


  • formatting issue with videos on homepage
  • restore ability to view supervisor requests sent
  • [#193] error when attempting to delete a coverage using the sidebar popover
  • [#225] display issue with top level menu wrapping on smaller screens
  • [#215] issue submitting forms with the new profile-linked 'position' field
  • [#219] issue when attempting to select 'other' position on profile

Linking a new Case Log to a WPBA just got easier!

When trainees start a Work Place Based Assessment (WPBA) on Portfolio Online they can link it to a clinical experience activity (case log) that records the details of the case. Trainees can now instantly write up a case log from within any of our online clinical WPBAs. This will automatically link the case log to the WPBA. This means our trainees don't have to switch between screens to get the task done. Another brilliant timesaving feature implemented by the Portfolio Online Development Team.